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Matt's Blog

Spring is coming!

by Matt Sampson on 02/22/18

Boys and girls, it's coming, finally.  Spring, it's almost here.  The outside is calling us, do you hear it?  I know, I can't wait either.  I'm going to take down the top of the Jeep, pull of it's doors, and go get dirty somewhere.  The bike will be out and in full force.  It's that time we Hoosiers wait for.  Hibernation is over.  How many of you are truly ready for it though?  Who has their truck or Jeep ready for the trails?  Who has their bike ready to take on the Dragon?  Who is ready for that dream road trip?  I mean honestly who didn't listen to what I have been saying all winter long, and didn't bring their projects to us in time to be ready?  It's ok, it can still be done.  There is still time, spring is coming but it's not here yet.  

Who got a new Jeep (even the JL) and need to get it to where they want it?
Need bumpers?  Is the Pope Catholic?
Rock Slides? YUP.
Lights? Uh huh.
Winches?  Sure thing.
Lift Kit? You bet
Wheels and Tires?  Please, I just picked up Fuel Off Road wheels Most popular brand of wheel out there.  Challenge me some.
Line-X that rig?  Cake freaking walk.

Got a new truck?
Tonneau Cover?  Not an issue
Do I have Bumpers for them too? Does a bear scat in the woods?
Mud Flaps? Yup
bed liner? Best in the business
Line-X rockers and fenders and bumpers?  Absolutely
Line-X that beast?   Any day bring it on.

Line-X a motorcycle?   Mine is done, and it's SICK 

You have something off the wall you want done, come on over lets figure that out too.  There is nothing we are afraid of here.  It may just take us a bit to figure out the how.  

And remember, Spring is coming.  and when you blink it will be summer, and then we are back here, in the cold, and you could be wishing you heeded this Public Service Announcement, and got you project in be for you miss it.

New Years Resolution.

by Matt Sampson on 01/08/18

New Years Resolutions are nuts.  I never really make one because I know in a about a week I will forget all about it and break it.  But that's me.  If you have that resolution to lose that 20 lbs then good for you; if I can help you I will.  Just don't celebrate the loss by gaining 40 lbs is my advice to you (seen it).  

 I will tell you something I hope you resolve to do this year and repeat next year. Get ready for warm weather now, cuz it's coming.  Get that bike ready now,  get that Jeep ready to go topless now.  Get that truck ready for...... well you should always have your truck ready.  Get those things ready for the camping trips, the long rides, the jamborees, and the rallies.  What are we waiting for?  
Let's get out and see what mother nature has put out for us, lets go explore and see something new.  We are all always doing the same thing.  Let's plan the impossible road trip and make it possible (Something I am actually trying to do)  These vehicles can take you to some of those places that you have seen come up on that Amazon Fire Stick's screen savor.  You may have to do a little work to it to get it there, and make it more comfortable, but it's possible.  We are Americans, we only got here because in us somewhere down the line is an adventurer. Someone who saw an ad that said " Go to America, and see a new place, with great rewards, and greater risk" and they said "HELL YEAH, SIGN ME UP"!  We are a people that are not meant to sit behind a desk and bear through routine,  We are the people that founded a New World, whether our ancestors walked over the frozen Bearing Straight, sailed the Atlantic on wooded ships powered by glorified bed sheets eating beef jerky by our own free will,  or suffered slavery and oppression and fought to get the freedom they long deserved and were denied, we Americans are not a weak people afraid of risk and peril, we see only opportunity and adventure.  We seek it out as a moth to the flame.  With a good horse and the right supplies we can go and do whatever,  it is still apart of you.  YOU just have to realize it.

Come let us help you realize it.

Chevrolet, Ford, Jeep, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Honda and etc all make a great product, come let us help you make it your own.


Happy Holidays

by Matt Sampson on 12/18/17

This is the season for giving, and I don't necessarily mean you need to come buy stuff from us to give to people, though I wouldn't turn you away. This is the season of giving more of yourself to others around you.  We tend to forget that.

  Give yourself more to your family, and spend an that extra time with them,  set a tradition that encourages more quality memories than unwrapping a present from under the tree.  If you have a tradition like that already, make it more than a check in a box.  Slow down a little.

Give more to your friends, have a get together, go wheelin' in your Jeep or truck and have fun.  Bring your families together.

Give more to your religion.  This is a season based in many religions, give thanks to the God you call on, (I am a Christian, so I go to Christ and praise Him, but for those who are not, take that time for your spiritual well being as well) For you atheists out there, well, think on the universe and how big it is and how amazing it is just to be here by that unfathomable luck.  Not a down talk there, either way we are all just lucky to be here.

Give more to strangers.  This is the one thing that will absolutely help the world.  Give aid to a complete stranger (be safe about it though)  Do it on a personal level.  That is what charities cannot do as well as the individual can.  Be nice to each other.  It's real easy to let the hustle and bustle of life to bitter us to each other.  We are all in this together, it is not a race to the end, it is a walk toward a better place.  There is nothing at that place that you didn't bring with you.  If you want it to be beautiful you have to be beautiful to other people.  If you are ugly to other people that place will be equally ugly.  

Finally give to yourself.  Take time to for yourself.  Those things listed are not hard things, and if you allow it to happen you will not only gifted something invaluable to others, but to yourself.  You will laugh more, even in sad times.  You will feel wealthy, though you may not have a cent.  It can cure the incurable if you let it.  

And that my friends is the power of giving and the miracle of the season to me.

Happy Holidays from Line-X of Indy and Hangout at Flames team
and our families to yours.  

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