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Matt's Blog

HANGOUT at Flames

by Matt Sampson on 11/17/17

Its Matt again, and I am going to be straight with you all.  

I think you are all missing the point, well I know you are, at least some of you.  You are missing a cool opportunity.  WE WANT YOU TO HANGOUT HERE! IT'S IN THE NAME!  You don't have to spend a hundred dollars to do it either. Just come by and hangout with us.  There are plenty of times we are hanging out after work, working on our personal projects, and something stronger than soda might be passed around, we are not asking for help but some company.  We also are planning some pretty awesome events for the next year and we encourage you all to be involved in that.  We are always doing something here, and there is always something to be apart of.  Whether it is your project, or ours, or your just bored at home wanting something to do,  come by see if this lights in the back are on. If you know us at all we are pretty friendly (for the most part).  So come make this your club house.

As far as groups that do meet here we have Lucy's lady riders group, and Hiram's Legends Chapter of Widow's Sons Masonic Riders Association now meeting here (which I am the chapter president).  We are also looking at starting a 4x4 club, so be looking for that soon as well. 

Flattery being mis-used

by Matt Sampson on 07/28/17

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”   Oscar Wilde

And we think is true but it has come to our attention by several customers our competition in Indianapolis has been using our name has there website.  It's sad but the website is being used by M. Linings and we have asked them nicely if they would sell it to us or stop using our name but they refused.  

Therefore we apologize for their mis-representation of us.  Please find us on our website  We are not the same company nor do we have the same employees or owners. 

Ready for Fists in the Wind?

by Matt Sampson on 01/25/17

  The Line-X side is rolling right along with all the projects that come in and out of here day in and day out.  The Commercial side of things has not really given us a lull and the Retail side is still moving along too.  We have so many projects we are having trouble walking on the Line-X side, which is great.  

Bike side is starting to wake up as we have more and more bikes starting to show up to get ready for the ride season,  are you ready?  Start making plans now, because soon we won't be able to walk on the bike side either.  I know most people (myself included) like to put things off until the last minute, and sometimes for good reason. Sometimes I just don't have the want to, but now it's starting to get to the NEED TO.  And if you have a big project on your bike that you want done, no matter what it is, time is running short to get it completed for you to have "Fist in the Wind" at the very beginning of the ride season.  The good news is you still have time, depending on what we are doing.

For those of you who ride whenever, in whatever weather, you keep being awesome, but lets make sure those miles on your bike are as enjoyable as they can be.  We can help make sure the bike is strong enough to get you through another 10,000 miles this year with a oil change or add on that new part that makes your bike stand out more. We can work with you to make your motorcycle just a bit more comfortable or whatever it is you are looking for.  

And of course you can always just come and hang out with us.  The fellowship that is the by product of riding doesn't end when the temperature drops, at least not here.  We want to see you as much at 40 below as much as we want to see you at 88 degrees.  Come talk bikes, about favorite rides, and the great memories you made racking up the miles.  Share ideas on new rides, and where to go, and lose our troubles.  I want to look outside and wonder where all the bikes came from and realize they are just here to Hangout at Flames Motorcycle Shop.

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