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About Line-X Of Indy
Line-X of Indy Truck Accessories & Jeep Store has been around for close to two decades in Indianapolis with the help of our first owners who were one of the first original Line-X dealers in Indiana at the time with one other dealer.  Some may know us as Indy Line-X, Line-X Indy LineX of Indiana or Line-X of Indianapolis, We started as a small truck Line-X shop and just kept growing. We have always offered great customer service.  As a small company back in 2009 Line-X of Indy focused on Indy Line-X customers who were commercial but with the growth of our customer demands we evolved.   In 2011 we received many new upgrades and decided it was time to increase our work with many of our retail customers to meet their demands with new designs.
In 2012 we started a bigger friendship with Hangout at Flames Motorcycle Shop bringing even more interest in color Line-X designs and truck outfitting.  The following year the two companies united adding a second building space to make our location one of the biggest Line-X dealers in Indiana.    Creating a larger than average one stop location for truck accessories, Jeep parts, ATV, motorcycle repair shop and store.

​Since many of our customers are friends to the shop.  We understand Indy Line-X customers are no longer the ordinary truck owners.  They are men and women who value their truck, jeep, ATV and even motorcycles in many different ways.  They value the protection and the ability to upgrade their vehicles with after-market truck accessories, jeep parts and motorcycle repair.  Our company offers this and so much more with Line-X of Indy Truck Accessories & Jeep Store and Hangout at Flames Motorcycle Shop teams.

Since 2012 we have been advancing in several directions including:
Commercial Line-X formulas
Building and Statue specialty color coatings
Color Line-X custom vehicle designs
Truck Accessories from step bars, lift-kits, hitches and more
Jeep custom designs from partial to full vehicle coating
LED and HID custom lighting systems
and more 

We would not be able to do all of this without our great team.  Our team is made up of talented individuals starting with the office staff to our shop staff.  Al the employees work hard to understand our customers different needs.  They are also managed by our owners who care about their employees and much as their customers. We all work hard as a team  Our team names may change depending on the customer to any of theses names:
Line-X Team
Line-X Color Team
Custom Line-X Team
Commercial Line-X Team
Line-X Indy Team
Truck Accessory Team 
Jeep Outfitting Team
Motorcycle Repair Team
Custom Motorcycle Team
Indy Line-X Team

Our team names will keep growing as long as our customers keep growing with us.
Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
cause we're people too.