More than just Line-X
Truck Gear by Line-X

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8448 Moller Rd - Indianapolis, IN
Line-X of Indy
Truck Accessories & Jeep Store
Line-X of Indy
Truck Accessories & Jeep Store
Full LineX spray-on armor on Military truck and Hangout party bus
by LineX of Indy
Semi was LineX for extra protection by LineX of Indy
Industrial and commercial trucks also benefit with LineX having 16 different formulas for protection.
Spray-on bed-liners in color and standard black, also offered in uv protective premium - Line-X of Indy Truck Accessories & Jeep Store
Jeep Line-X from tub to full body armor, interior and exterior offered in color match, black, premium and several other options
Custom Design work
done for logos and 
custom airbrushing
Designs for military and
specialized vehicles
Largest Line-X 
facilty in Indianapolis, able to Line-X 
semi-trucks and trailers for commercial, industrial and manufacturers 
Mobile Line-X Unit
Able to Line-X at your location for retail and commercial from floors to pools and more